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‘Cruz de Navajas, el último Mecano’ lands at Barcelona- ANTENA 3

La Cúpula de las Arenas in Barcelona hosts this large-format show.

Surely at some point you will have hummed or listened to songs like ‘Hoy no me puedo levantar’, ‘Hijo de la luna’ or ‘Barco a Venus’. These are songs that are part not only of the soundtrack of Mecano, but of our country.

Now, after a tour in Madrid, Valencia and Bilbao in which they have managed to gather more than 150 thousand spectators, the show ‘Cruz de Navajas, el último Mecano’ premieres in Barcelona.

Attendees will be able to enjoy a large format show that combines the best of a concert, the best of a musical and a groundbreaking audiovisual experience, with more than 100 square meters of LED screens.

As the organizers themselves announce on their website, the show mixes the latest technology with talent and sensitivity. This is possible through its gigantic high-resolution LED screens, which combine to transform the stage into different spaces that will leave the audience in awe.