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Musical Mecano

A Mecano musical takes place at Cúpula Arenas- 20 Minutos

Joan Lluís Goas, artistic producer of Las Arenas, affirms that the spectators will find themselves in front of “a super show that is not a musical, it is not theater, it is something new that stimulates the senses in a new and different way”.

The actors and performers of ‘Cruz de Navajas’ will be surrounded by moving LED screens that will give a different and unique atmosphere to each of the musical numbers. For this work four choreographers have worked side by side with a total of 25 musical artists, including two participants in the TV3 program ‘Eufòria’, Scorpio (Clara Sánchez) and Joan Liaño.

More than 15,000 people have already seen this musical staging in the Spanish cities of Valencia, Madrid and Bilbao. For its producers, ‘Cruz de Navajas’ “is not a tribute, it is not an imitation, it is the greatest recognition to the greatest Spanish group”.